Mark Coker of Smashwords Highlights the Indie Author Manifesto for Self Publishers

24th Apr 2014

Recently Smashwords' Mark Coker revealed the "Indie Author Manifesto" highlighting the strides self publishers have made over the years. Some of the truths he highlights include:

  • I have a right to publish
  • My creative control is important to me. I decide when, where and how my writing graduates to become a published book.
  • Indie does not mean “alone.” I choose my partners.I shall not bow beholden or subservient to any publisher. In my business relationships, I seek partnership, fairness, equity and mutually aligned interests.

This manifesto embodies the spirit of self publishers everywhere and we are happy to support writers and self publishers in their dreams to get their works known. You can read more about the manifesto at the Smashwords site here: