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If you have a large amount of books you want all processed the same way then choose this bulk order option. All books will be scanned and processed in a similar way. Simply choose your options below. Larger orders of 10 or more books may require 10-15 business days for completion. If you have any books requiring additional options you can add them using the regular destructive book scanning order page.

Per Book Price (Add to cart to view final price) (Book Collections/Series do not count as one book, every bound book is considered a separate book)
$9.95/ea for 1 book
$8.95/ea for 2-19 books
$8.45/ea for 20-29 books
$7.95/ea for 30-50 books
$7.45/ea for 51-75 books
$6.95/ea for 76-100 books
$6.45/ea for 100+ books